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Tick Prevention:

Acid Reflux exercises:

Integrative Strategies to Reduce Antacid (PPI) use:

Neuroplasticity and Rewiring the Brain for Anxiety

Water Filtration (must remove arsenic, etc.):

Coenzyme Q10 Bioavailability:

Mold and EMF testing in Wisconsin:

EMF Testing/Mitigation:

Fantastic video discussing SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), IBS, Bloating, Diet:

​SIBO diet guide

Preventive Cancer Test:

Excellent Video/Lecture on Micronutrients for Mental Health

Mold and/or Biotoxin Exposure/Lyme VCS Test:
Johns Hopkins Summary on Visual Contrast Sensitivity Loss In Patients With Post Treatment Lyme Disease

Toxicity and Disease:

Assessment Tools for Toxic Burden:
"Thoughts on a Unified Theory of Disease"
"Gut Microbiome Toxicity:  Connecting the Environment and Gut Microbiome-Associated Diseases"

Excellent Article on Coping with Stress:

Excellent resource/book on the brain, post-concussion, brain fog, brain healing:

Lyme Support:
Tick Born Illness Center of Excellence, Woodruff, Wisconsin
AHCC/Lyme Study

Oura ring HRV monitor:

Mold Guidance:

Indoor Mold/Air Quality Consulting:

Indoor Mold Testing:

Institute For functional Medicine Viral Immunity Support PDF, click here.

Air purification:

Tooth paste/gel:

Local Chef that accommodates gluten free, dairy free, etc.:

Hypoallergenic nutrition shakes:

Frozen meals delivered to your door (gluten free options):